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EverGROWTH Consulting is the culmination of years of leadership and training experience and a passion for helping others to maximize their potential.

Communication and conflict resolution skill-building is the path to success in all aspects of life, not least of which is in the workplace.

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You exceeded our expectations! I received many positive comments from our team. Many shared that it opened their eyes and gave them a new understanding of the other generations. We particularly loved the way you facilitated the session; it was informative, fun, and most importantly, not polarizing to any one person or generation.
Danielle Persky
Health Officer
Van Buren/Cass District Health Department
I have had the professional joy of working with Kathy Grinsteiner on several occasions with our team at Honor Bank, and I wholeheartedly recommend her work. She helped our team build trust and confidence in themselves and each other, which was invaluable to our team’s growth. Run, don’t walk, to get Kathy’s help with your group’s next team-building initiative. Thank you, Kathy!
Dixie Lagerquist Hoeh
VP Retail & Banking
Honor Bank
You gave great insight on conflict resolution. I will not look at conflict the same going forward. Thanks for being there for us.
Maryellen Hulwick, CPC,CPMA
Michigan Medical Billers Association
Special Events Director
Co- Chair Northern Michigan Chapter
Kathy recently led a strategic retreat for a group to which I belong. It was two days, both virtual, which is really hard to facilitate. She was amazing. I would recommend her to anyone.
Doug Luciani -Vice President
Strategy & Community Impact
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